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What You Need to Know

-I am already taking Collagens, why should I take Wonder Maka?

Wonder Maka, is more than just important collagens, like type 1 and 2. It is just a perfect combination of 4 different natural ingredients to boost the collagens taken and absorb all the nutrients provided by the Organic Peruvian Maca, a superfood that has been used for centuries. Our formula also has Hyaluronic Acid to provide shine from within, which makes Wonder Maka a perfect combination of age-fighting ingredients. The advantage of taking Wonder Maka is that it is only 2 easy to swallow capsules/day.


- Peruvian Maca is a superfood, why do I need superfoods?

Superfoods are extremely high in micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants and enzymes. All of these nutrients are essential to your body so you can thrive.


-Can I take the supplement with food?

Yes, there is no problem.


-Are there any side effects described?

No, there are no side effects described so far, but if you feel you are making any allergy to its ingredients, please discontinue using.


-Can I take my capsules while taking other medications?

Yes, there are no cross reactions described. Although, if you have any great health issues, please consult your Doctor before taking it.


-I forgot to take my capsules in the morning. Can I take them at night?

No, please note that it will give you great energy.  Always take them as early as possible, so you begin your day with great energy.

​-How many capsules should I take a day?

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules, every morning, with meals or without them. If you feel 2 capsules is too much for you. As it will start detoxifying your body, and cleansing your bowels, you can lower the dose to 1 capsule per morning until you adjust. Despite taking only 1 capsule most of our customers already feel the benefits in their bodies.


-Is there any estrogens and/or soy isoflavones in the compound?

No there is none of these.


-Should I be taking other vitamins while taking Wonder Maka?

Our proprietary Wonder Maka formula is full of vitamins and minerals as well as some important amino acids occurring naturally in its ingredients, to provide your body a sense of well-being. It should cover most of your vitamins and minerals intake for each day. Anyway, a blood test will determine this with higher precision, and you can decide with your doctor if you need to be taking other supplements or not.


-Can I use this instead of HRT?

This is a 100% natural supplement that will help you through the process of menopause. It is not a miracle pill, and it is entirely up to you, which treatment you take. As natural dietary supplements, it takes some time to feel the effects but Wonder Maka’s ingredients have no side effects described so far.


-At what age should I start taking Wonder Maka?

Though it works so good with Menopause discomforts, it does not mean it is the only use it has. We have clients as early as 20 years old, for it helps also with energy and concentration.


-I have thyroids problems, Can I take Wonder Maka?

Peruvian Maca balances all the systems in your body, we have some clients who have issues with thyroids and still take them, and they feel great. But it is always better to ask your Dr.


-I have a lot of energy since taking Wonder Maka, my husband is 55 years old, and he is always tired. Can I give Wonder Maka to him too?

Yes, definitely. It helps men as much as it helps women. Peruvian Maca is an adaptogen plant that is very rare, and it works restoring general energy and responding to the needs of the body.

Just remember when in doubt, consult your doctor first, or Contact us.

We will gladly help you.

If you have any doubt, just contact us, remember we are just a click away! 

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